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Film festival news! My short A Good Man - which I wrote and produced and of which we shot two versions simultaneously, one English, one Mandarin - just got into the Asian Film Festival of Dallas and the Hollywood International CineFest!


I can’t tell you the specifics yet, but I just booked an awesome role on a pilot! If it works out, I’ll be on the first season of a new network show - so exciting, y’all!!


Just saw the most recent cut of the sci-fi film I shot last year Stasis, by one of the producers of Cloud Atlas. So awesome! Look for it in theaters later this year.


Join me tonight for a staged reading of the very moving new play JUNE IS THE FIRST FALL by Yilong Liu, directed by Jeff Liu, at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. 8pm.


Just finished my very first feature-length screenplay HOME, about an American teacher who loses everything and finds a second chance at life in Beijing. I don’t get to say this often, but I’m so proud of myself!


I am once again ringing in the new year as host of a NYE bash for the Chinese community in Los Angeles! See you all tonight!


How’s this for cool? I’ve been commissioned to write a segment for a new horror anthology movie - my first “stab” at horror!


So excited to announce I’ve been tapped as host for two of China’s most prestigious awards ceremonies! I’ll be the main host of the Huade Awards (which celebrates global leaders in business) and the red carpet host of the Huading Awards (akin to China’s Oscars) - both being held in Los Angeles!  Can’t wait to see my Chinese peeps and favorite celebrities, including Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Brandy, Aaron Paul, Jeremy Piven, Gage Golightly, and more!


Thrilled to announce that I’ve been tapped as the host of the US China Film Summit Gala for the third year in a row!


Just completed two days of shooting on my latest short called To Be Saved, which I wrote, produced, and starred in. I’m so proud of my cast and crew, and I can’t wait to share this heartbreaking story with you all.


EXTREMELY EXCITED to share that I’ve been asked to join the Master Class at my studio, Anthony Meindl’s Acting Workshop. I’ve worked so hard over the last couple of years, and it is a huge honor to get to work with Tony and my peers, many of whom are very familiar faces from TV and film. Here’s to this year being the most artistically enlightening and uplifting yet =)


A year ago I started focusing on writing, and it has been incredibly fulfilling and rejuvenating. Today, I just produced and starred in the first dramatic short that I wrote, “A Good Man”, featuring my Chinglish co-star Kara Wang. AND we did something very unique: we simultaneously shot in TWO versions, English and Mandarin! It was a lot of hard work (and a day of high emotions as per the scene), but I’m so proud!


The short I produced and starred in, “Paper Children”, is officially out! We’re so proud!! You can view it on the YOMYOMF website here - thanks in advance for all your support!


Just went into production for our entry for the Interpretations contest by YOMYOMF and Justin Lin, sponsored by NBC Universal and Comcast. Look for “Paper Children” to debut in June!


Um, YOU GUYS... I JUST BOOKED A FILM! It’s a great role too - so excited!!!!! Look for the sci-fii feature (and me as Paseo) in 2017!!


I’ll been hanging with HBO Asia for Oscar weekend this year! What a huge thrill - limos and VIP treatment all around, woot woot!




Guess who’s hosting another NYE concert for the Chinese community? THIS GUY! See you all tonight!


THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported our extended run of Chinglish! THRILLED to share Chinglish is now officially the most successful show in the history of East West Players!! WOW!!!


INCREDIBLY EXCITED to share I’ve been tapped to star in a new major US network pilot that is taking me to TAIWAN to shoot for a four days. I CAN’T WAIT!!!


THANK YOU everyone who came out to support Chinglish! We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been asked to do an extended run! Come back in December for more Chinglish, y’all!


Chinglish has been getting RAVE reviews! We’re even the Los Angeles Times CRITICS PICK!!





Today I start doing backstage interviews at MY FAVORITE SHOW: So You Think You Can Dance!! Go to Hollywood Junket for all the latest - so excited!!!!!


Very excited to announce that I’ll be reprising the role of Peter Timms in the play that changed my life, Chinglish, debuting at the venerable East West Players in Los Angeles on September 16th! So grateful for the opportunity to share this incredible show in my hometown, and eternally grateful to the great David Henry Hwang for this character, which has come to mean so much to me!


ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be the red carpet host of the Terminator Genisys premiere right outside the Dolby Theater - home of the Academy Awards - on Hollywood Blvd! Not only did I get to interview the cast, director, and producers, but I had the host moment of my life when I interviewed both Arnold Schwarzenegger AND Sylvester Stallone within just a couple minutes of each other! And to top it off, it was all broadcast live to China - also a first for me! What an amazing day!!


Performed at the infamous Rockwell Table & Stage with my group Top Shelf Vocal tonight, where I performed a version of Radiohead’s Creep I put together all by myself! Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and supporting!


Tonight is the premiere of the film I shot a couple months ago An Inconvenient Stay!


My awesome new musical improv/rap group Kaboombox debuts with FOUR shows this month! Follow us on Facebook and come show some love!


Hosting a whopping THREE events this month! First, a huge conference for international company USFIA, then the 40th Anniversary Celebration for the Taiwan Hotel & Motel Association, and last but not least, the North American round of the Eelin Star 伊林璀璨之星 competition! So many Chinese events this month - it feels like home =)


My new show on ETTV America Who’s Smart 金頭腦 is on the air, folks!! Click here for our YouTube channel with full episodes and news segments!


My new show on ETTV America Who’s Smart 金頭腦 is on the air, folks!! Click here for our YouTube channel with full episodes and news segments!


I was just cast in a cool new short by director Wen Ren, set to film next month! I get to speak Mandarin, y’all!


THRILLED to announce I’ve just been tapped as the host of Who’s Smart 金頭腦,which begins airing to Chinese communities across the world via ETTV America! So grateful for my Chinese peeps!!


Just did my first Chinese radio interview in about 7 years. Thanks to Vincent on KAZN for having me on - it brought back so many wonderful memories...


Thanks Toyota!! Just completed hosting duties for three events as part of the Camry Bold Taste Tour in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Good times, great folks =)


Just did my first Chinese television talk show in a looooong time. Thanks to ETTV America for having me! It airs on ETTV on 2.28 at 9pm.


Tonight I became the first ever non-Chinese host of the CCTV and ICN’s Avenue of the Stars Hollywood Lunar New Year Event 星光大道好莱坞春晚晚会! What a huge honor and privilege - it’s going to be aired to about a billion people in China on Chinese New Year’s Eve, and many more online. So exciting!


Catch me TONIGHT in the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter!! Such an incredible time filming and being on set - what a dream come true!!!


Join me and about 10000 people in Monterey Park for the outdoor New Year’s Eve Bash, featuring Chinese pop stars, food, games, prizes, and more!


A week of sold out performances for Top Shelf Vocal! Thanks to everyone who came out to show some love at The Rockwell Table & Stage and FCCLA. What a wonderful season of music it’s been=)


A HUGE thanks to the Government of California for having me host the CalRecycle Google Hangouts event and today’s press conference. So happy to help spread the word!


Catch me tonight in a hilarious sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Ah, the things I do for fame...hahaha

7.1 2014


  1. 6.28.2014

Thanks to a PACKED HOUSE who came out to Second City Hollywood to support The Sound and the Furry! Really fun show, FANTASTIC AUDIENCE!

Also, catch Less Hot Dog at iO West tonight at 9pm!


Catch me in a hilarious sketch TONIGHT on Jimmy Kimmel Live! I’ll be trying my best to make the world’s ugliest dog beautiful=)

And, come indulge in the wonders of singing puppets with The Sound and the Furry, which graces the iO West Mainstage alongside the AMAZING Razowsky & Clifford!


WOW, that was AMAZING. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to see Top Shelf Vocal over these past fews days. Absolutely over the moon to announce Top Shelf has officially SOLD OUT FOUR CONCERTS IN A ROW!!! I love this group, so proud to be part of this family!!




Really fun and truly inspiring night volunteering at the AFI Life Achievement Award for Jane Fonda. What a potent reminder that this is indeed a community of people who love what they do and want to do great work. Upwards and onwards!!


Get your tickets now for Top Shelf Vocal’s annual summer concert #Sheflie!! June 19th at The Rockwell Table & Stage (our first solo gig at The Rockwell!) and June 21st at FCCLA. We’ve got a bunch of new songs that we’re excited to debut, and of course all your favorites from this past year. It’s gonna be a great show!!


I’m storming the iO West stage TWICE tonight as part of the 12th Annual LA Comedy Festival! Come see Less Hot Dog at 8pm, then The Sound and the Furry, at 9:30pm!


I GOT TO WORK ON HBO’s THE NEWSROOM TODAY!!!!!!!!! My favorite drama!!!


Just wrapped up production on my debut as Executive Producer of Good Samaritan, the directorial debut of Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick. I also got to play a character quite ghostly... MWAH HA HA!!


Very excited to announce I am now the latest member of a fantastic musical puppet improv group called The Sound and the Furry!! I’ve been doing improv for several years, and started dipping my toes into musical improv about a year and a half ago, and I can honestly say this is the most fun I’ve ever had on an improv stage. Stay tuned for show info!!



A huge thanks to everyone involved in the production of Chinglish at Syracuse Stage, and of course to friends, family, and theater fans who drove from near and far to support this incredible show. I know we tend to overuse the word “blessed” these days (“Had the best chocolate sundae! Blessed!”) heh heh, but this show was a true blessing that came at the time I needed it most. This experience has affected me on a deep and profound level, and I am truly blessed to play this character and work with all these lovely and inspiring people. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU=)



I am currently back in LA on a quick break before Chinglish moves to the Syracuse Stage for a run through 3.16. This experience has been AMAZING so far - I can’t believe I was so on the fence about being away from LA for three whole months (and missing pilot season), but the rewards have been far greater than I could have imagined. What a gift to do nothing but ACT every day, away from the noise and chaos of LA (and get paid for it!), while at the same time, gaining a new appreciation for all that LA has to offer. But mostly, I am just so happy to be doing this play which is so close to my heart and my own story, and with this incredibly talented and lovely cast and our FANTASTIC and gracious director May Adrales. So many blessings!

THANK YOU PORTLAND for being so absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to meet you, Syracuse!!

and here are some kind words about me from the Portland press!

“ is fascinating to hear the Chinese language spoken with flowing authenticity by Jeff Locker, an award-winning radio and television personality in Taiwan, best-selling author of eight Mandarin books and an actor in America. The most interesting character of all, Peter stands at the center of the show with his bilingual power, yet he's at the mercy of the culture.”

                                                                                            -- The Oregonian

“...It was especially impressive to watch Jeff Locker, whose British consultant was the most developed of the bunch, switch effortlessly from English to fluent Chinese without skipping a beat.”

                                                                                            -- Portland Monthly Mag

“It’s hilarious... Jeff Locker makes Peter so self-effacing that it becomes humorous, but he never becomes tiresome.”


“...brilliant acting by an exceptional cast... As the translator and nascent middleman, Jeff Locker was terrific and his brief foray into Chinese opera, singing a duet in falsetto with Jian Xin (playing the government minister), was a hoot.”

                                                                                            -- Northwest Reverb


This is my last update for a while friends! This has been an insanely wonderful month! My vocal group Top Shelf was blessed with two sold out concerts and a slew of other gigs, including a flash mob wedding proposal, an industry event at the W Hotel Hollywood, a bunch of holiday parties, and a surprise performance I can’t even talk about yet at a big fancy Hollywood film studio for the cast of a big TV show filled with great folks and a bunch of media! So exciting! Add to that several improv shows and a ton of fun auditions, and it has left me with a whole lotta warmth and love in my heart and feeling blessed to be a performer!! And now, I’m off to Portland and then Syracuse to star as one of the leads in David Henry Hwang’s Chinglish - my very first professional American regional theater production! Wish me luck - I mean, broken legs? Haha. Here’s to a fantastic 2014 y’all!!!


VERY EXCITED to announce I’m starring in my very first regional theater/Equity production! I’ll be playing the role of Peter Simms in the Portland Center Stage/Syracuse stage coproduction of the fantastic 2011 Broadway comedy “Chinglish”, written by the masterful David Henry Hwang (M Butterfly.) Look for Chinglish to debut in Portland in January and continue onto Syracuse in late February through mid-March! Acting, y’all!!


My vocal group Top Shelf sings at the Size Does Matter event at LAMAG! A fantastic masquerade ball filled with incredible art and the vocal meanderings of Top Shelf!


My improv group storms the iO West Mainstage with the hilarious moms of M.I.L.K.S!


Hosted an Emmy event! Met a bunch of great actors, including Joe Mantegna, Hal Sparks, Niecy Nash, Marilu Henner, J.B. Smoove, Estelle Harris, Gail O’Grady, and Chris Mulkey!


FANTASTIC first iO West main stage show for my musical improv group NORM! Thanks so much for coming out and showing some love friends!!


Just got my first writer and producer credits for my short The Audition!


My vocal group Top Shelf performs for the album release party of platinum-selling artist Kier!


My improv group Less Hot Dog performs on the iO West Main Stage, yessirreeeeee!


Shooting a trailer for a role I booked in a new feature comedy!


Honored to host another media event for Chevy/GM in Malibu!


My improv group Less Hot Dog performs on the iO West Main Stage, yup!


Just taught my very first class - an Improv for Leadership seminar - on the UCLA campus. Honored!


Booked a role in the upcoming sci-fi feature film Apocalypse LA! Really great director, green screen, fun shoot!


My improv group Less Hot Dog performs on the iO West Main Stage, yeah-yuh!


Booked a role on a major network show! Then the shoot got canceled last minute=( Such is the life of a Hollywood actor, eh?


Teaching Improv for Learning bootcamps at a couple fancy schools in LA....because I AM FANCY=)


My improv group Less Hot Dog performs on the iO West Main Stage! AMURICA Y’ALL!!!


Table read on the Paramount Lot! I could never get sick of this place...


Please catch my vocal group Top Shelf performing in our big annual concert! Click here for tickets!


My improv group Less Hot Dog plays in the LA Improv Festival! 10pm at iO West.


Just shot a role in the short film “I’ll Remember”, directed by Alex Lin and produced by Quentin Lee.


Shot a comedy short for the NBC Diversity Showcase. Yes, I’m, um, lingually diverse ha...


My vocal group Top Shelf performs with my musical improv group NORM! at iO West!


Busy month of shows folks! Less Hot Dog performing every other Monday night on the mainstage at iO West, and my musical improv group Fancy Pants playing all around town. Good times, fine folks!


It’s the annual Yale in Hollywood conference! I’ll be hosting the keynote Friday night with Alan Poul (Director of The Back-Up Plan, Executive Producer of The Newsroom, Six Feet Under) and a workshop for actors with casting director Sarah Finn, actress Robinne Lee, and Cast It Talent’s Eric Hayes. If you’re an actor, this will be a great event!! For more info, please click here.


My improv team Less Hot Dog will be performing on the iO West mainstage at 9pm. Click here for details!


I am deeply honored to have been invited to give a talk at my alma mater Yale University today! It is truly a dream come true! I’ll be speaking on my journey from East Asian Studies major to life as an actor and TV/radio host in Taiwan and China, my big move to Hollywood, and the exciting development of China-US co-production. Pinching myself!


It’s my birthday. And production on an awesome project is now heating up! Excitement all around=)

January, 2013

Happy New Year folks! Great news! My improv team Less Hot Dog (2012 Del Close nominee for Best New Show) now has a regular primetime slot on the iO West mainstage! Follow us here on Facebook for dates and general good-times-ness!


Soooo... here’s a Hollywood moment. I booked my first series regular! An international project starring and international cast, and my role was that of a mysterious badass who is the key to the whole story. Anndddd it all fell apart during contract negotiations (it was non-union, which can really test your faith let me tell you!) and ON CHRISTMAS EVE of all times. But here’s the takeway: we as performers need to cherish every exciting moment and celebrate every victory, even if things don’t work out. I AM DOING THAT=) Upwards and onwards friends!


Special Christmas Fancy Pants show on the iO West mainstage! Merriment and joy!


First show with my new musical improv group Fancy Pants on the iO West mainstage!


Just filmed “The Assistant”, a short starring one of my all-time favorite funny ladies Janeane Garofalo!


Playing with Sugar Daddy at 10:30pm in the DCT and then Less Hot Dog at 11:30pm on the mainstage. Be there or laugh considerably less! iO West in Hollyweird!


First show with my new improv group Stache in The Loft at iO West! FREE Y’ALL! 10:30pm.


Halloween show with Sugar Daddy at iO West! (And gunshots a block away...yikes)


First performance as the newest member of iO West mainstage group Less Hot Dog - great show!


Intel has asked me to continue to be spokesman for the Intel IT Center! THANKS GUYS - so proud to be part of the Intel family!!


Auditioned for both my favorite comedy and favorite tech company (11 pages of script - in English, French, and Mandarin!) this morning...Whoa, this is Hollywood folks!


Honored to host an exclusive event for GM/Chevy in Malibu! And the new Chevy Malibu is HOT!


I MADE MY US NETWORK DEBUT! Click here to see me in a sketch I filmed with Alanis Morissette for Jimmy Kimmel Live!


I’m singing again! Thrilled to announce I’m now part of the awesome vocal ensemble Top Shelf! Check in from time to time for performance updates, or click here.


Hey look! Another IMDb credit - BAM! More to come, woot!


What?! Filming a Sizzler commercial in Hollywood today! Walk in and it feels like home - it’s like a mini Ohio in the middle of Hollyweird...


Just added to the roster of the improv group Sugar Daddy! Click here for performance updates, or go to my profile on the iO West website for all things ME (well, improv things. And a couple other things. Basically, just things and stuff.)


Oh whoa, it’s been a while!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my kids in the Mandarin and Improv classes I taught at Chandler and John Thomas Dye during summer school over the past 6 weeks - I had a blast teaching you, and I have not laughed this much in a long time! So grateful for the opportunity - many thanks to the faculty and staff at both schools for inviting me onto your campuses and for all the encouragement and support!

Now...back to our regular programming=)


I’m currently featured on PAGE 1 of!!!


Check me out in my first ever music video appearance (well, on this side of the Pacific anyway=)

It’s for the awesome band Miike Snow - the third single from their new album and directed by the great Andreas Nilsson!


Performing with Meat Consensus in the DCT at 6:45pm at iO West


Performing in The Lottery in the DCT at 8pm at iO West


Check out the trailer for a short I starred in, Prescription 101


Tapped to host a new national Today-ish daily talk show! Woot!  (**update: it is abruptly canceled 2 days before filming starts=( Welcome to the business... Still relishing in the fact that I got it though, woot! Cherish the victories!!)


Check out this comedy short I did with The Second City Network - my very first! The new iPad has a feature called iRony?? hmm...

And while you’re at it, take a gander at the CHINESE VERSION of the iPad gag, the first time ever Second City has done a vid in Mandarin! Written by and starring yours truly of course! (And don’t worry, there are subtitles ha)


My birthday y’all! Celebrating with the cast and crew of Who Run It as we shoot the first scene of the pilot episode, woot! Four hours in a jacuzzi in Rancho Cucamonga...


On set starring as Dan Parcel in the short film Prescription 101!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to a kickass 2012!!


First day of shooting for my new webseries Who Run It!


Thrilled to announce I am now represented commercially by the incredible Brandy Wilkerson-Caldwell at the Bobby Ball Talent Agency! Go BBA!!


Check out the vid I shot for Intel. Not quite Minority Report 2 ha, but pretty cool!


Just shot a music video for the awesome band Miike Snow with the very talented director Andreas Nilsson! It’s going to be crazy but I can’t wait to see it


Performing with improv group Kaboodle at Mr. Blonde’s Comedy Frolic at The Complex at 10pm


Wow! SIX AUDITIONS this week! Thanks to the Universe for a needed dose of momentum!


BOOKED IT! Filmed both Mandarin and English versions of an industrial for Avery Dennison


Performing with improv group Kaboodle at Mr. Blonde’s Comedy Frolic at The Complex at 10pm


Performing with improv group Kaboodle at Mr. Blonde’s Comedy Frolic at The Complex at 10pm


Performing with improv group Kaboodle at Mr. Blonde’s Comedy Frolic at The Complex at 8pm


Beginning Level 4 Long Form Improvisation at iO West with Craig Cackowski


Performing with improv group Kaboodle at Mr. Blonde’s Comedy Frolic at The Complex Theater


Performing improv at Second City Hollywood in weekly show Bingo/Tres


Hosting An Evening with Tony Shalhoub (“Monk”) at The Viceroy in Santa Monica


Performing with improv group The Great White Hope at KSUK at The Complex Theater


Performing with improv group Corset Miracles at KSUK at The Complex Theater


Flying to Salt Lake City to film English and Mandarin language industrials for Intel!!


New headshots with the awesome Jeff Drongowski (

7.2011 is launched!